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Why Slumber Roo?

There are lots of baby carriers being sold on the internet. So... why shop with Slumber Roo?

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Safety Notes

Here at Slumber-Roo we take safety very seriously. Please read the information below to help you and your baby to be safe while babywearing. We would especially like to draw your attention to 'reading instructions before use' and 'safety for newborn babies'.

PLEASE NOTE: Slumber-Roo do not sell "bag style" slings which we consider unsafe, especially when used with infants under 4 months. For further information on bag style slings, visit the Baby Sling Safety website here

If you would like to discuss anything you have read in further detail, please don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail: [email protected] or telephone 01803 782959.

Download T.I.C.K.SDownload T.I.C.K.S. (Rules for Safe Babywearing) PDF


One reason some parents may shy away from using a baby sling is because of a fear that the baby may fall out of the sling. The worry is that with some styles, there are no straps or buckles to hold the baby in place and that the baby 'could' slip out and fall. Both wrap type (traditional wraps & mei tai carriers) and pouch type baby slings (pouches & ring slings) are very secure for the baby. The wrap simulates a strap/buckle situation with soft and comfortable fabric. The pouch style baby sling secures the baby by gravity holding the babe in place. If you were to say, jump on a trampoline while wearing a baby you could expect the baby to fall out. But with normal mother/father behaviour - walking, shopping and working, the baby is as safe as a bug in a rug.

Introduction taken from the free online encyclopedia - Wikipedia: Baby Slings. You may also like to take a look at Kangaroo Care.


Reading Instructions before Using a Baby Sling or Carrier

Whenever you are using a new baby sling or carrier it is advisable to have a second person on hand to assist you until you become more at ease with your sling. Advice on correct product use and safety are enclosed with every sling offered for sale or hire, ALWAYS READ ANY ENCLOSED INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY and when trying out new positions, Slumber-Roo would recommend that you are seated over a bed or soft surface, until you feel confident in yourself and the product.

Each time you use your baby carrier, check the stitching is fully intact and that all components of the sling are operational and in your opinion, without fault.

Slumber-Roo cannot be held liable for injuries caused by the misuse of products purchased from or supplied by us.


Safety for Newborn Babies

It is extremely important to ensure that your baby is positioned correctly while being worn in any carrier, just as it is important to ensure your baby is placed in bed correctly. A safe sleeping/resting position should always be a consideration.

Ensure that your baby's face is uncovered so that he/she can breath freely at all times and that they do not have their chin pressed against their chest while in the sling. Check them regularly and listen to their breathing to ensure it is regular and not too noisy (grunting is an indication of laboured breathing).

BUT REMEMBER - babies love to be snuggled close and as long as you read the instructions provided with your carrier and are aware of the safety considerations, there is no better or more accessible place for your baby than within the safety and security of your loving arms!