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Designed by a babywearing consultant, the Neko 'Switch' Carrier has a deep seat that ensures your baby is carried in an ergonomic, spread-squat (M) position, from newborn to toddler.

The fully adjustable back panel grows with your baby, supporting their natural hip development in both front and back carry positions, while dual adjustable shoulder straps ensure a snug fit for petite parents or smaller babies, combined with a unique ‘2-option’ fitting system (baby version)** which ensures greater flexibility and support for young babies.  A generously padded waist belt and legs out padding complete the comfort package.

Tested to EU safety standards and made from soft, supportive, jacquard woven cotton, the feature rich Neko Switch is an easy-to-use, versatile baby carrier that effortlessly transforms in practical, generous toddler carrier – simple, affordable luxury for today’s active families!  

Neko Switch BABY- fully adjustable panel, width & height, suitable from newborn (3.5kg/8lbs) up to approximately 2 - 3 years and a maximum weight capacity of 15kg/33lbs.

  • panel width (min-to-max) 14 - 40cm, approx. 5.5 - 16 inches
  • panel height (min-to-max) 29 - 41cm, approx. 11 - 16 inches
  • belt length/waist (min-to-max) 66 to145 cm, approx. 26 - 49 inches

Neko also offer a 'toddler to pre-school' version for bigger children who need the occasional carry when little legs gets weary - the ideal follow-on carrier for families who like to ramble!

Neko Switch TODDLER - fully adjustable panel, width & height, suitable from approximately 2 years (11kg/25lbs) up to 5/6 years depending on the height of the child, with a maximum weight capacity of 22kg/48lbs.

  • panel width (min-to-max) 38 - 54cm, approx. 15-21 inches
  • panel height (min-to-max) 41 - 53cm, approx. 16 - 21 inches
  • belt length/waist (min-to-max) 75 to145 cm, approx. 29 - 49 inches

Provided with full written instructions and diagrams, Neko SWITCH Carriers are machine washable in cool water and can be line dried inside - do not tumble dry. Spot cleaning is preferable.

Product Features:

  • fully adjustable back panel (SEE ABOVE - baby & toddler options)
  • dual adjustable shoulder straps with '2-point' fitting system**
  • ... crossable on the baby version, in addition to ruck carry option
  • PFAs (perfect fit adjusters) to ensure a snug carry for all shapes/sizes
  • front & back carry options, both facing-in to warer
  • legs out padding for baby, supportive waistband for wearer
  • generous, detachable sleep hood
  • matching, detachable strap protectors (machine washable on cool)
  • jacquard weave fabric, soft and cushy
  • 100% bio-cotton (or 60% + 40% bamboo) 
  • Duraflex buckles (belt & chest) plus YKK for all other accessories 
  • Recognised as 'Hip Healthy' by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute

(**) PLEASE NOTE: A truly unique feature of the Neko Switch BABY (not Toddler) is the shoulder strap system which offers 2-points of attachment – the standard shoulder strap to mid body panel + the unique, shoulder strap to waistband option, designed specifically for babies 0-6 months.

If a carrier with shoulder strap to mid-panel attachments is 'over-tightened' it can flatten the fabric across babies back putting strain on their spine. Attaching the shoulder straps to the waistband avoids this possibility and supports babies spine in a natural curved position similar to that of a wrap, optimal for a young baby. The standard shoulder strap to side-panel fitting is then used from 6 months upward.

Stylish and aesthetic design ensures unused buckles fold away into their designated pockets, so there are no unsightly buckles dangling when not in use.

NB: Your 2018 Neko Switch Carrier is supplied with matching detachable strap protectors and sleep hood, packaged in a handy storage bag rather than a product box.  The storage bag is very often a different woven wrap colourway chosen by Neko to showcase their wide range of fabrcis.  Neko's Instruction Manual is also enclosed.  

As 2019 progresses, Neko will start to provide products in their newly designed boxes.  Contact Neko directly for further information if required or alternatively, telephone the Slumber-Roo Office on 01803 782959.

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