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The Neko Tai is availabe in both standard and toddler size.  Both offer a fully adjustable body panel, supportive 'wrap tie' waistbelt, and wide 'wrap tie' shoulder straps.  No buckles, no snaps - the Neko Tai combines the feeling of a woven wrap with the ease and support of a structured carrier.  Easy to tie, easy to adjust - truly beautiful!

Neko Tai BABY - suitable from 7-15kgs (15-33lbs) 3/4 months up to apprroximately 2-years

  • fully adjustable panel, width & height**
  • width measures (min-to-max) 20 - 40cm
  • height measures (min-to-max) 20 - 42cm

Neko Tai TODDLER - suitable from 11-22kgs (24-48lbs)

  • fully adjustable panel, width & height**
  • width measures (min-max) 28 - 55cm
  • height measures (min-max) 37 - 50cm

Provided with full written instructions and diagrams, Neko Tai's are machine washable in cool water and can be line dried inside - do not tumble dry.  Spot cleaning is preferable.

Product Features:

  • front & back carry, facing-in
  • jacquard weave fabric, soft and cushy
  • large sleep hood
  • elastic head support line
  • supportive belt foam
  • belt measures (mini-to-max) 60 - 180cm
  • shoulder strap width - 25cm / length 195cm
  • high quality materials
  • machine washable
  • written instructions 

A little more about NEKO products:

Established in 2012, Neko Slings are the first and only registered trademark in Turkey who manufacture woven babywearing goods - woven wraps, ring slings, meh dai carriers, wrap conversion baby and toddler carriers, in addition to stretchy wraps, muslin blankets and winter carrier covers too!

The name “neko” means “cat” in Japanese. The team are inspired by how mother cats carry their kittens naturally with ease and care. Babywearing is instinctive. Neko's uniqe motivation is to ensure mothers carry their babies with the same ease and instinctive elegance.

The distinctive quality that sets Neko apart from others, is the quality of their thread and weaving. With a sling collection that has a tempting sensation of oriental vibe inspired by ancient civilisations, we're confident you're investing in a timeless piece when you purchase a Neko Woven Wrap, baby carrier or accessory!

To discuss Neko products in a little more detail, don't hesitate to email or telephone Slumber-Roo - Neko's appointed distributor for the UK & Ireland.

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