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JPMBB PhysioCarrier

The JPMBB PhysioCarrier packs the Je Porte Mon Bebe DNA into an ergonomically designed soft buckle carrier which is availble in a wide range of contemporary colourways.  

Suitable from newborn (with the addition of the booster pack) to toddler, the PhysioCarrier is packed with intelligent features to ensure optimum support and climate control for baby, and comfort and versatility for the wearer - a practical, sturdy carrier suitable for young babies and robust toddlers too!

Product Features

  • Suitable from newborn 3.5kg/7lbs (with additional Booster Pack) to 20kg/44lbs
  • Can be used from 5kg/11lbs upwards without the Booster Pack
  • Front, Hip and Back Carry Positions (from 6 months upwards) 
  • Soft cotton back panel zips open & rolls away to reveal an airy mesh layer beneath to help keep baby cool during warmer weather and also check their position
  • Adjustable sides allow you to adjust botht he height and shape of the body panel
  • Dual adjustable side buckles for easy tightening when front or back carry position
  • Shoulder straps can be crossed at the back in or worn rucksack-style
  • Padded waistband and shoulder straps, with extra padding behind the waist buckle to avoid 'digging'
  • Includes detachable mirror to help you view baby when in back-carry position (& chat)
  • Suitable for both petite & tall/broad wearers
  • Machine Washable on cool with mild detergent, gentle cylce -  air dry
  • Complies to ASTM F2236 standard and european safety requirements for childcare items. Oko Tex 100 certified fabric

COMBO OFFER: If ordering a JPMBB PhysioCarrier, include the Newborn Booster & Neck Pillow for the special price of £9.50 (add from the dropdown box below after selecting your carrier choice) or alternatively, buy separately at a later date for the standard price of £12.50 here

Colour / Pattern (view swatches below)

Select a Colour / Pattern above

Colours / Patterns

Sale GREY Cotton, Dark Coffee Pocket (Elephant)

GREY Cotton, Dark Coffee Pocket (Elephant)
From £99.00

Sale GREY Cotton/Leather, Peacock Blue Pocket (Elephant)

GREY Cotton/Leather, Peacock Blue Pocket (Elephant)
From £99.00

Sale ALL GREY (Cotton)

ALL GREY (Cotton)
From £99.00

Sale ALL BLACK (Cotton)

ALL BLACK (Cotton)
From £99.00

Sale BLACK Cotton, Iris Blue Pocket

BLACK Cotton, Iris Blue Pocket
From £99.00

Sale BLACK/Blue Cotton, Glazed Brown Pocket

BLACK/Blue Cotton, Glazed Brown Pocket
From £99.00

JPMBB PhysioCarrier
JPMBB PhysioCarrier

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JPMBB PhysioCarrier
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JPMBB PhysioCarrier. Image 2996
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JPMBB PhysioCarrier. Image 3000
JPMBB PhysioCarrier. Image 3001
JPMBB PhysioCarrier
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