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Beco 8

**IN DEMAND PRODUCT - currently only avaiable on Beco UK**

Designed so you can carry your baby any way you want, the Beco 8 is a combination of all the features your heart could desire - from infancy to toddlerhood, wear your little one on your front facing-in, facing-out, on your hip or on your back.  Ergonomic support for baby in all positions, while offering optimum comfort and flexibility for the wearer.

So, how does the Beco 8 differ to the Gemini?

NEW Features:

  • Integrated infant insert/boost (fully removable)
  • Lumbar support pad (fully removable)
  • Airflow panel on the main body of the carrier**
  • Cooling, breathable, 3D mesh**
  • Zippered cover for the airflow panel (stored in waistband)**
  • Built-in headrest, plus integrated (zip-away) support hood

PLEASE NOTE:** the cooling, breathable, 3D mesh and airflow panel are also available on the Beco Gemini & Beco Toddler 'COOL' Carriers here 

Updated Design Features:

  • Sliding chest strap, fully adjustable, no longer removable (or prone to possibly being lost!)
  • Waistbelt now adjustable from 24" up to 54" (more suitable for petite parents)
  • Weight tested up to 45lbs (standard Gemini, up to 35lbs)
  • Modified base/seat adjustment mechanism (only narrow base for front, facing-out - newborn babies now sit on the integrated, removable infant insert)
  • Lighter padding in the body panel than the standard Gemini (more like the Gemini COOL)
  • Easy to clean, lightweight body fabric
  • Dual shoulder strap/body adjusters
  • Modified waist belt buckle (easy to release with one hand)
  • Double pocket on waistband (1 for zippered airflow panel, 1 for essentials)
  • Foldable back panel extenstion/headrest, now with built-in hood

Standard KEY Features:

  • Baby fit: 7-45lbs / 3.5-20kg
  • Parent fit: XS-XXL
  • Multiple ergonomic carry positions*
  • 2 Newborn positions (Infant Insert Included)*
  • 3 Infant positions (Front-Inward, Front-Outward, Hip)*
  • 2 Toddler positions (Front-Inward & Back Carry)*
  • Great for hands-free nursing 
  • Padded crossable shoulder straps
  • Seat width snapped out: 14" (adjust to narrow setting for front, forward facing-out)
  • Panel height with headrest/panel down: 15"
  • Panel height with headrest/panel extended: 18"
  • Supportive waist belt, adjustable from 24" up to 54"
  • All seasons carrier with airflow back-panel, light body padding 
  • Waist belt pocket for smart-phone, keys or cash
  • 65% Polyester & 35% Cotton (Grey is 100% Polyester) 
  • Machine Washable
  • Durable Safety Buckles
  • EU Safety Standard: EN 13209-2:2005

**IN DEMAND PRODUCT - currently only avaiable on Beco UK**

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Colours / Patterns

Grey (order today for delivery May'22)

Grey (order today for delivery May'22)
From £125.00

Teal (order today for delivery May'22)

Teal (order today for delivery May'22)
From £125.00

Black (order today for delivery May'22)

Black (order today for delivery May'22)
From £125.00

Beco 8
Beco 8

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Beco 8
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