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Choosing A Carrier

Choosing A Carrier

So, why choose to carry your baby? Some would say convenience - by wearing your baby, you free your hands to accomplish your tasks.

Babywearing enables you to nurse on the go, chase your active toddler around the park, run errands, or prepare dinner - all the things that still need to get done after the new baby arrives.

Baby carriers quite simply allow you to remain active and get around places you wouldn't be able to otherwise - crowded malls, cobbled streets, airports, museums or castles - the list is endless and there is no need to compromise when you have the option of using a baby carrier.

Convenience is a big factor but the benefits of babywearing extend much further, babies have a fundamental need for physical contact with their parents and caregivers. Babies who are worn sleep better, cry less, nurse and gain weight better, and tend to be more alert and interact with the world around them. Kangaroo care, holding a premature baby skin-to-skin, has been proven to promote physical growth and neurological development in tiny babies. By holding them close, parents bond with their babies and help them adapt to the world around them.

But one of the most rewarding aspects of babywearing reaches far beyond the convenience and physical benefits, it's the absolute joy of holding your baby close, the intimacy if offers and that feeling of endless love!

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Top 5 Reasons to 'Wear Your Baby'

  • Happy & Secure - baby is happy, secure, calm and content and that makes for a happier mum and dad. You'll be seeing the same sites and will naturally talk to your baby about what you're both seeing, and he will respond to you and 'talk' back. If your baby is startled by something, he'll be comforted by your closeness and more ready to accept new faces and places.
  • Useful & Effective - babywearing makes your daily life much easier. You can you can get on with all the things you need to do - play with your older children, pop to the shops, prepare dinner and still keep your baby close to you. You'll feel more confident and less tied down, while you baby feels comfortable, secure and warm.
  • Great For Breastfeeding - many carriers offer a private and nurturing environment for nursing, and you are immediately able to respond to baby's hunger cues, so he doesn't need to get stressed or upset. If your baby likes to have long feeds, babywearing prevents you having to spend long periods of time stuck on the sofa.
  • Eases Discomfort - if your baby suffers from reflux, colic or wind after feeding, holding them in an upright positions eases discomfort and makes it easier for the gas to pass through their bodies, and reduces possetting.
  • Convenient - more convenient and much easier to get in and out of the car and manoeuvre around than a stroller or car seat. A baby wrap or carrier folds up to easily fit in your nappy bag, and it can be thrown in the washing machine when dirty. You are also much more mobile and can carry even heavy toddlers in comfort and style.