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Babywearing and hip dysplasia: Bobas research into hip healthy positioning

The many benefits of babywearing, both physical and emotional, are well documented, yet for parents of babies with hip dysplasia it isn't always straightforward. In this situation finding suitable baby carriers for hip dysplasia and understanding the correct positioning becomes incredibly important. Hip dysplasia affects between 1 and 2 in every 1000 babies and can lead to serious issues in later life, such as hip pain or osteoarthritis, yet up until now there has been very little research on the impact of incorrect positioning while babywearing. In a bid to put this right, Boba has ...

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From Newborn to Toddler: Which Boba Carrier?

  We love working with Boba because they are a family business who keep family at the heart of their designs. Created by Robert and Elizabeth Antunovic as they travelled the world with their own children, Boba loves to enable parents to stay active whilst caring for the needs of their little ones.   Having used slings and carriers with our own babies we are well aware that the choice of products available can be a little overwhelming! That's why we're always happy to speak to you and take real satisfaction in helping parents find the best slings to suit their unique requ ...

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Carrier Spotlight: The Boba X

It scooped-up a gold Mumii award earlier this year, and lots of baby wearers in our community have been feeling the love for the new Boba X baby carrier so we thought it about time that the Boba X took the spotlight here on our blog. There's a reason why Mumii deemed the Boba X worthy of a gold award in the Best Baby Carrier (£75-£130) category. It's rich in features and so versatile that you can comfortably carry your little one from newborn right-up to pre-school age. What we love about the Boba X The feature that really stands-out in the Boba X are its unique ...

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Boba X Reviews

  We were so happy to see the Boba X baby carrier winning a gold Mumii award earlier this year, and now we're getting some rave reviews from the people who matter the most: the parents and sling consultants who are using the Boba X day-in-day-out. From new mums carrying the tiniest of tinies, to experienced sling consultants recommending carriers for active toddlers, we've loved reading your Boba X reviews. So for those of you looking for more info about Boba's latest baby carrier, we've collected together all of these Boba X reviews in one place.   Take a glance at ...

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Babywearing - Not Just for Babies!

Our second guest blogger is Lindsay from Chesterfield Sling Library who shares with us her advice on wearing your little ones through the toddler years and beyond!   Once your baby starts getting mobile, I've found that people tend to be more opinionated regarding you carrying them in a sling. On numerous occasions I've had, “Oh, they will never learn to walk like that!” (all four of my kiddo's have walked between the ages of 9 and 12 months) or, “that must really hurt your back” (erm nope - the slings I use are made to be comfortable AND suppor ...

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