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Blogger Roo : babyhawk

Easter Photo Competition

COMPETITION RESULTS: The Easter Competition was a lot more tricky to judge than we anticipapted so we enlisted the help of Victoria from the School of Babywearing to help us compile a short list.  Before we announce the winner I'd like to say a VERY BIG thank you to everyone who entered - all the pictures (& captions) were absolutely fabulous! Xx So, the three runners up: Liverpool Sling Library ... Kitty Caption: "Maybe I should have started with baby bear's bowl and not daddy bear's!" Joanna Murchie ... Beco Photo: Preci ...

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PRIZE DRAW: Custom Babyhawk & Vouchers

Hello Babyhawk Fans :)  We're going to keep tonight's Competition Blog Entry short and sweet but before we announce the winner we want to confirm that a further 'Jolly January' competition will launch later this week and just a little tip ... it's something to do with your favourite Babywearing pictures! Back to tonight's announcement, please remember there's quite a list of winners so be sure to check down through the full list – if you don't win the grand prize, you still have a chance to win one of the 'special' discount vouchers which can be applied to your choice o ...

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Jolly January ’Babyhawk’ Competition

Welcome to our first Jolly January Competition - they'll be another one next week and then lots of fundraising fun throughout the coming month (& beyond!) So ... we're going to start with something easy that Spreads the Babywearing Love :)  All you need to do is *share* this post (1) and then, (2) comment below our Facebook Competition Post with the following message: “Come and join in the fun (tag 4 friends here) and you could win your very own 'Custom Babyhawk' plus four Babyhawk discount vouchers for friends and family”   REMEMBER: you need ...

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Follow Slumber-Roo on Facebook ... Great Giveaways, Super Offers & lots of fun!

Who doesn't love free products and exclusive discounts? We love spreading the love at Slumber-Roo and would like all our customers to be included. Join us here on Facebook for great giveaways, super discounts and lots of fun! Why stop there, invite your friends and family along too. Just suggest our page to them and if they'd like to join in, they can select 'like' next to the Slumber-Roo logo at the top of the page.  Here's some of the great Facebook giveaways coming up this autumn: 150 Fans = Moby Design Wrap for one lucky fan & 5% discount for everyone ...

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Babyhawk Oh Snap is ’Feeling the Love’

We'd like to share with you today a lovely review sent in by one of our customers, Clair K who recently purchased the increasingly popopular Babyhawk Oh Snap. 'The Babyhawk  Oh Snap is a structured baby carrier that is suitable for babies from 15lbs upwards. As my son was quite large for his age, I started using the Oh Snap at 5 months. I tried out lots and lots of different carriers when my daughter was a baby 3 years ago, and gave up in the end as I couldn't find anything that I liked. I have pins in my hip due to a car accident some years ago, I also suffer fro ...

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