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Blogger Roo : Guest Bloggers

Jess’s Story: Babywearing Whilst Treating Clubfoot

Wearing your baby close to you is a natural instinct for parents, and this need to calm and soothe is especially prevalent when the baby is in discomfort or distressed. For children with health conditions, the need to be close to a parent can be overwhelming, yet certain ailments can make babywearing a challenge.  It can be difficult to find carriers that will allow the child to be positioned correctly, while taking account of specific needs and treatments. Here, mum of three, Jess tells the story of her babywearing experience with her son Seth, who was diagnosed with clubfoot befo ...

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Babywearing - Not Just for Babies!

Our second guest blogger is Lindsay from Chesterfield Sling Library who shares with us her advice on wearing your little ones through the toddler years and beyond!   Once your baby starts getting mobile, I've found that people tend to be more opinionated regarding you carrying them in a sling. On numerous occasions I've had, “Oh, they will never learn to walk like that!” (all four of my kiddo's have walked between the ages of 9 and 12 months) or, “that must really hurt your back” (erm nope - the slings I use are made to be comfortable AND suppor ...

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A day in the life of South East Sling Library & Consultancy

   During the coming months Slumber-Roo will be introducing a number of guest blogges ranging from skilled babywearers offering peer support in a voluntary capacity, through to health professionals and mummy (& daddy) bloggers who just want to share the fun of parenting! This week we're pleased to introduce, “A day in the life of the South East Sling Library” written by Roamy Hunt who I'm sure you'll agree, is a sling library inspiration!   Roamy says: “I didn't discover babywearing until my first son was 6-months old. Once I did, I r ...

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