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Babyhawk Oh Snap is ’Feeling the Love’

Babyhawk Oh Snap is ’Feeling the Love’

We'd like to share with you today a lovely review sent in by one of our customers, Clair K who recently purchased the increasingly popopular Babyhawk Oh Snap.

'The Babyhawk  Oh Snap is a structured baby carrier that is suitable for babies from 15lbs upwards. As my son was quite large for his age, I started using the Oh Snap at 5 months. I tried out lots and lots of different carriers when my daughter was a baby 3 years ago, and gave up in the end as I couldn’t find anything that I liked. I have pins in my hip due to a car accident some years ago, I also suffer from back problems, so I am quite limited in what sort of carrier I can use, but the Babyhawk Oh Snap has been absolutely fantastic.

It holds your baby really close to you, the weight is distributed really well and I’ve found it really easy and pain free to use. My son always manages to fall asleep in it quite easily which is an added bonus. The Oh Snap is also a good carrier to use if you have young children of different ages.

I was out walking the other day with my now 9 month old and my 3 year old daughter. I had my son in a buggy and my daughter was walking. My daughter suddenly refused to walk any further and demanded that she be carried. Carrying her was virtually impossible whilst pushing the buggy, but luckily I had my Babyhawk Oh Snap tucked away in the bottom of the buggy. I managed to put my 3 year old in the Oh Snap and then carry her for the final mile back to the car. Not only this but she didn’t even seem very heavy in it (bearing in mind I have the back and hip problems).

I would definitely recommend the Babyhawk Oh Snap to anybody; it’s a little bit pricey but it’s a great buy and comes in lots of different colours too. I really can’t fault it'.

So, looks like Clair really is 'feeling the love' for her Babyhawk Oh Snap!  If you would like to join her, Slumber-Roo currently have a good selection of colours and prints in stock.  Visit the Sling Shop here or alternatively, the HIre Shop to 'try-before-you-buy' here

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