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Carrier Spotlight: The Boba X

Carrier Spotlight: The Boba X

It scooped-up a gold Mumii award earlier this year, and lots of baby wearers in our community have been feeling the love for the new Boba X baby carrier so we thought it about time that the Boba X took the spotlight here on our blog.

There’s a reason why Mumii deemed the Boba X worthy of a gold award in the Best Baby Carrier (£75-£130) category. It’s rich in features and so versatile that you can comfortably carry your little one from newborn right-up to pre-school age.

What we love about the Boba X

The feature that really stands-out in the Boba X are its unique 'zip-on' width adjusters that widen the carrier seat for longer legs and enable parents to continue carrying children safely and comfortably into the preschool years. Together with its fully-adjustable back panel, the clever design enables the Boba X to effortlessly transform from a newborn carrier (with built-in neck support) into a practical, generous toddler carrier. 

mother carries toddler on back in boba x buckle carrier

As your child grows, the back panel ‘micro-adjusts’ to support their natural hip development. The unique design allows you to micro-adjust the seat from 8 – 21” (20 – 53cm) in width and 12-16” (30 – 40cm) in height. As such, it can comfortably carry children from 7lbs up to 45lbs with no newborn insert required. The deep seat ensures that your little one is carried in a hip healthy spread-squat (M) position in both forward and parent facing positions.

The adjustable back panel, along with the ‘add-on’ width extenders for toddlers means that the carrier continues to allow hip healthy carrying as their little legs grow. So if there’s one carrier that will see you through the early years of your child’s life, it’s the Boba X!

Thoughtful design

It’s not just the child’s comfort and safety that Boba had in mind when designing the carrier. We love thoughtful little extras like the handy shoulder strap loop to keep your bag in place and the zippered waist pocket to store your phone securely without compromising your baby’s comfort.

Boba have worked hard to ensure the carrier is comfortable for parents as well as babies. Perfect Fit Adjusters and an adjustable wide padded waistband make the Boba X comfortable for both petite and tall users. Ergonomic design and crossable shoulder straps distribute the weight of your child evenly throughout the shoulder, neck and back – increasingly important as your tiny newborn grows into a spirited toddler!

mother carrying baby in boba x buckle carrierback view of mother carrying baby in boba x carrier

Looking Good…

There’s no need to compromise style for practicality when it comes to babywearing. The Boba X is available in 10 different styles, including neutral grey or black, as well as several attractive prints. We particularly love the fresh blues and corals of the Oceana and stylish, understated print of the Adobo now available for immediate dispatch and next day UK delivery. Pop over to our Boba X product page to see the full range.

Who are Boba?

We’ve been retailing and distributing Boba products for years now. And the reason why we’re so passionate about their products is because Boba is a company that really care about the health and well-being of their customers. They work closely with sling consultants and baby-wearing educators, as well as parents to ensure their products meet the practical requirements of everyday babywearing. Boba go beyond EU health and safety requirements to promote baby’s very best development and all Boba carriers are recognised as ‘hip healthy’ by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

A family-run business, Boba was founded by Elizabeth and Robert whilst travelling the world with their children. Their very first prototype carriers were tested with their own babies and having had 5 children themselves they certainly understand the need for versatile, comfortable and practical solutions to babywearing.

You can find-out more about their journey and Boba’s company values by visiting the freshly launched Boba UK website

Want to get your hands on the Boba X baby carrier?

Boba are offering the chance to win a Boba X baby carrier, as well as a whole bundle of other Boba goodies. Head on over to the UK Boba blog to find out how to enter.

If you’d like to find out more about the Boba X and whether it’s a suitable baby carrier for your requirements please do get in touch. At Slumber-Roo we know that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution and our friendly team love to help parents find the right baby carrier to meet their individual needs and requirements.