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Boba X Reviews

Boba X Reviews


We were so happy to see the Boba X baby carrier winning a gold Mumii award earlier this year, and now we’re getting some rave reviews from the people who matter the most: the parents and sling consultants who are using the Boba X day-in-day-out.

From new mums carrying the tiniest of tinies, to experienced sling consultants recommending carriers for active toddlers, we’ve loved reading your Boba X reviews. So for those of you looking for more info about Boba’s latest baby carrier, we’ve collected together all of these Boba X reviews in one place.

Take a glance at our summary below, or scroll on down to see Boba X reviews straight from the people who know best!


Parents and sling consultants alike have been praising the Boba X in their reviews - here’s the feedback we’ve been receiving:

  • Parents love that the Boba X can be used for newborns and preschoolers alike. There’s no need to invest in a new carrier as your child grows, and those parents with more than one child are pleased that they can use the same carrier for multiple children.
  • The velcro waistband makes it easy to make micro-adjustments, creating a perfect fit for any size baby. It makes the carrier super versatile and easy to adjust, meaning you can quickly change between wearer or child.
  • A lot of the feedback praises the comfort of the Boba X. It’s ergonomic design, and ease of adjustment makes it comfortable for both wearer and child - lots of naps being had in the Boba X from what we hear!
  • Mums have told us that the Boba X is easy to breastfeed discreetly in - not something that can be said of every buckle carrier!

mother carrying baby in boba x carrier

What did the sling consultants say?

We work closely with sling consultants and sling libraries across the UK and value their feedback about the different baby carriers they work with. Here’s what they said about the Boba X…

Korrin, Mumaroo: Lincolnshire Babywearing Consultancy & Sling Library

"Running a very busy sling library across the second largest county in the U.K. we see a lot of parents every week and we regularly hear the same requests. Families with children close in age want one carrier that will suit their family. Dad, mum, newborn and toddler can all enjoy using the same carrier … in the past we would have to tactfully say that it wasn’t possible but with the Boba X, it really is!

The Boba X can quickly and simply be converted from a very small newborn setting to a large toddler setting, taking seconds to convert. Without compromise of comfort or safety. Toddlers and tiny babies feel fully supported and we’ve just seen so many parents beam with delight over discovering the Boba X carrier!

I particularly like the fact that the adjustable waistband is Velcro, meaning you don’t have to wonder whether your baby needs to move up to the next “setting” you can just make micro adjustments, creating a truly perfect fit.

Recently I carried my 3 and a half year old in the Boba X on my front and she was so comfortable and happily fell asleep! I’ve also carried a friend’s newborn baby in the exact same carrier and had the exact same result - it really is amazing!"

mother reviewing boba x baby carrier with toddler on beach

Lizzie, Do It Like A Mother – Sling Library and Support

We LOVE the Boba X. In fact, it’s been out on hire solidly since we got it! The adjustable panel means it truly fits from birth (ish) to toddler, and the crossable straps make it more versatile than older Boba models, and able to fit a greater range of body types. We’ll be looking to order another one very soon!

Deborah Moore, Basildon & Billericay Slings 

I really like the new Boba X. The hood rolled up is great as neck support, and very clever. The PROPER dual adjust straps continue to make me happy. The fact that it fits a small baby and a huge toddler without compromising anything is brilliant.

mother carrying baby in boba x baby carrier

Roamy Hunt, South East Slings 

The Boba X is a great carrier that really does work from newborn through to Pre-Schooler. Parents like how easy it is to use (especially with the straps done up rucksack style) and how adjustable it is as baby grows up. The lovely new patterns and colours are an added bonus!

Parents’ reviews of the Boba X

And finally, as the saying goes, “Mum knows best”. We asked some of the parents using the Boba X to give us their feedback. Here’s what they said as well as some gorgeous photos they sent us...

Iris Khan, Mumazed:

‘The Boba X carrier makes carrying 13 kg of toddler so easy. The extensions provided are a dream for both me and my girl. Carrying her has never been more comfortable for the both of us


“I’ve had my Boba X for a few months now and love it! It’s so versatile and adjustable, and really nicely padded without being too hot. I love that I can use it with my toddler yet when I (hopefully) have another smaller baby, I’ll be able to use it with either.”

mother hiking wearing baby in boba x baby carrier


“We love our Boba X! It allows us to not use a pram at all and is so convenient for when you’re out and about. We love how comfy it is for both partners, and let’s us be close to our little one all of the time. We found it perfect for a recent family wedding and I could breastfeed easily throughout. Worth every penny!”

mum and dad at wedding with baby in boba x baby carrier


“I’m enjoying my Boba X! I find it very comfortable, and quick and easy to use. Have had lots of compliments about the print when I’ve been using it. Hubby likes it, enjoying the closeness of babe. We both can’t wait to learn to back carry in it. I think it will be perfect for our Centre Parcs Winter Wonderland Break in the Lake District this year.”


“I’ve had my Boba X for 1 month now and both myself and my husband love it. Very comfortable and massively adjustable to suit both of us, and we’re both completely different in size! Would definitely recommend the Boba X, and our son Oscar loves it too.”

mother carrying baby in boba x baby carrier


“I love that I can take one sling out and use it for my baby and toddler! The Boba X can also be adjusted quickly and easily to fit me or my hubby. There's a nice choice of colours and patterns to choose from and I think it's reasonably priced too. Most importantly, my children both find the Boba super comfy – definitely lots of sleepy dust!”


"Comfortable for wearer and two year old in both front and back carry, great for tired toddlers. Very easily adjustable, handy pocket and bag holders, versatile carrier which is great value for money as can be used for multiple children for many years."



"I was not disappointed. It feels like a perfect mix between a carrier and a wrap, and gives me that extra security now that my little one is on the heavier side at 8 months old. Overall, it was incredibly easy to adjust with or without baby inside the Boba X. It is honestly the most secure and comfortable carrier I have worn, for both me and baby. It truly does grow with your little one."


“I bought the Boba X 2-months ago and find it handy for popping to shops (instead of building and collapsing the pram constantly), and days out where it’s crowded or ground is uneven. Our daughter often goes to sleep in it so sometimes I wear it at home to settle her. I find it easy to adjust and I’m so pleased it will last until she’s a toddler - makes it good value for money. My husband is happy with it too - we both find it comfy to wear as the wide straps distribute weight well. Here he is carrying our daughter.”



“I’ve had my Boba X since my baby was a month old. Absolutely love it as it means we can do all sorts of things and not bother with the pram - like the food shop, family walks and even take part in Scouting events with ease. Because it has the quick and easy adjustments, it means my husband can swap and babywear too – he loves it!”

Want to get your hands on the Boba X?

Boba are offering the chance to win a Boba X baby carrier, as well as a whole bundle of other Boba goodies. Head on over to the UK Boba blog to find out how to enter.

If you’d like to find out more about the Boba X and whether it’s the right carrier for you, head down to your local sling library, or get in touch with us at Slumber-Roo. We know there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution when it comes to baby carrying and our friendly team loves to help parents find the right carrier for their family.