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Favorite ways to keep warm when babywearing

Favorite ways to keep warm when babywearing

This January we ran a competition on the Slumber Roo Facebook page to win a Boba Hoodie or Vest in exchange for your best tips for keeping warm when babywearing.

The response was amazing and we have some great tips to share. I've listed the favorites in traditional top ten order.

Number 10 - Hoods

Cardies or fleeces with hoods, hoods over hats and some of you had hoods on your baby carriers. Hoods don't get lost like hats.

Number 9 - Tights

Tights are great because they don't ride up like trousers. Lots of babywearers suggested tights under trousers and a lot of you have nice warm boys in tights too.

"Tights! For girls AND boys! No losing socks and super cosey feet!"

"I put 3-4 yrs tights on my 10 month old so that they go all the way up to his armpits then thick socks and slipper boots to keep his feet warm."


Number 8 - Wool

Merino is a clear favorite when it comes to wool and it washes well too.

"Merino garments are amazing! I live in a cold part of the world and this winter we had a really cold weather. So I always carry her outside in our lovely Boba SSC and our Boba vest!"

"Yes merino is machine washable. Haven't bought anything else for the kids (now three of them) since child #1 was 7 months old and I won a pair. Finally - socks that *stay up*. No more "where are your socks?" - at least until they learn to take them off again when they are bigger."


Number 7 - Blankets

Poncho's, big scarves and blankets are popular with some great ideas for keeping them in the right place. One fan wraps a blanket around her carried baby and tucks the corners into her pockets. Other tips include:

"Try putting a small blanket between the passes of the wrap for a warm cosy layer"

"I have a very long and wide woolly scarf that I wrap around myself and then wrap around my toddlers body when I'm carrying keeps us both toasty"


Number 6 - Gloves and Mittens

Gloves and mittens on strings are popular, they don't get lost so easily.

"mittens on string is a must"


Number 5 - Moccasins or Booties and Socks

We all love socks; long socks, thick socks, 3 pairs of socks, the older kids socks on the baby so they pull up high.....  Mocassins stay on feet well and down booties were recommended. Socks over shoes is another great idea to keep shoes on. More tips:

"put one of the older kids' socks over baby's socks/pants!"

"extra socks under the babygro"

"socks with socks on, to make sure they don't slip off"


Number 4 - Legwarmers

Legwarmers are not just for legs, they work well on arms too.

"it is very helpful to have leg warmers."

"Leg warmers for the shoe to trouser gap"


Number 3 - Big coat for the babywearer

Using your pregnancy coat or even better 'borrowing' your partners coat is very popular. Some people just do up the bottom of the coat to keep little legs warm, others zip up huge hoodies over both of you.

"I wear a big swing jacket over us both (lent to me by a friend)"

"I wear my husband's XL winter coat, zipped up round us both. Warm but unwieldy!"

"Winter coat/jacket and hat for my baby boy, Boba 4G and my maternity winter coat (from last year when I was expecting him) which is big enough to go over him so he's warm "


Number 2 - All in ones, snowsuits

These are really popular but a few people said they couldn't get a good seat with a thick snowsuit. You can find waterproof snowsuits that are not too padded so they are perfect for layering.

"Can't beat a good old snow suit to keep my little girl warm, that and being snuggled up to mummy whilst out walking"


Number 1 Joint First - LAYERS and a HAT!

This is what Slumber Roo fans had to say about the 2 top tips for keeping warm when babywearing:

"Layers, layers, layers! As they're not meant to be in big coats in the car seat I keep a box of coats, hats, cardigans, jumpers and onesies in the car. That way I can put them on and strip them off depending on the weather, as she's got a really good foot muff on her buggy she doesn't need too many layers on the bottom but plenty on top. As long as she's snuggly and not cold or sweaty. It's hard getting the balance right."

"Layers- that way you can remove or add as and when you need, especially if you are in and out of shops/the car and you don't necessarily have to wake the little one up that way"

"I knitted her a cowl, it's great because when she's on my back she can't pull it off without me realising!"

"Lots of thin layers, jumper, hoody, scarf, gloves, hat and coat with hood up!"

"We've got an awesome wooly hat with a tie under the chin so the little monkey can't pull it off"

Other ways to keep warm included

  • big fleece or jumper for babywearer
  • babywearing jacket
  • winter cover over carrier
  • rain cover as wind shield
  • cotton fabric next to the skin
  • balaclava - more difficult to get off than a hat
  • fold over hands on clothes
  • leather boots
  • cowl/snood/buff
  • coat insert for babywearer (knitted or zip on)
  • bigger size clothes on baby
  • thermal underwear

Whatever way you choose to keep warm this winter don't let the cold weather put you off getting outside.

"Nothing like a sling and fresh air to make both mama and baba feel good!"

And some babies find their own ways to keep warm......

"My squish has found a hack of his own though...he tucks his hands under my armpits hehe"