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Baby Bliss Sling Consultancy - Glasgow

Baby Bliss Sling Consultancy - Glasgow

Contact Details
Linda Barrack, 07810 524295,,

£15 – 1 hour, £20 – 90 mins, £25 – 2 hours at BBHQ. In client’s own home - £25 – 1 hour, £30 – 90 mins, £35 – 2 hours

Why did you start the consultancy?
The consultancy was established following my own experiences with carrying andd a local need for babywearingadvice and assistance

What do you find most rewarding about running a consultancy?
I love helping families who has specific requirements to meet the needs of their child. I equally love assisting families who previously believed carrying was only for tiny babies.

How has your work changed during the past year?
The demand for assistance has really grown in the past 12 months though this could be due to of mouth increasing that the service is available.

What is the most common question asked?
Is my baby too big to be carried?

What is your most popular style of wrap or carrier?

Boba Wraps, Boba 4G and Tula standard and toddler carriers. Generally in our area SSC’s are more popular that Mei Tais, Ring Slings and Woven Wraps

Which Slumber-Roo Distributed Brand/Product is most popular within your library?
Boba (wraps, 4G & accessories)

Toddler carrying is a popular topic here in the north of Glasgow. I would love to see more mainstream brands developing carriers with larger body panels to offer greater choice to toddler/pre-schooler carrying families.

Questions about babywearing

I've had a c section, can you help me choose a carrier?
(Answer: Certainly. Every woman’s recovery is different, so it is best to sample a number of types & brands to find the best, most comfortable match. I would be happy to help you explore the various options)

I have twins and I'd love to babywear, can you help?
(Answer: YES - there are a number of ways that Mums can choose to carry with their twins. Some like to carry both on their front using a woven, stretch or hybrid wrap, some with ring slings. Others prefer to carry one in a high back carry with the other in front using a woven wrap & others prefer to carry one baby in a SSC whilst using a pram for the other. During a consultation we can explore all of these options)

What carrier would you advise for someone with a bad back?
(Answer: A carrier which equally distributeds the weight of the baby over 2 shoulders and waist is best for someone who has back weakness. Ensuring that the carrier is adequately tight to support baby close to the body will minimise strain on the back)

My partner is much bigger than me but we would like a carrier we can share - what would you advise? (Answer: A mei tai offers great flexibility, however many of the market leading brands of SSC also offer excellent adjustment for waist bands & shoulder straps)

We have a number of carrying solutions from market leading brands available to explore. I have come to my job as a consultant following personal experience of carrying my own 2 children from birth and so feel that I have a good personal understanding of the benefits of carrying our children. I attended training with the School of Babywearing and demonstrate my commitment to continual personal development with my attendance at Slingababy training at the end of January 2015.

Baby Bliss Sling Consultancy

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