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Love Beco? Help Spread the Love and WIN Prizes too!

Love Beco?  Help Spread the Love and WIN Prizes too!

Slumber-Roo are hugely proud to announce that Beco has been shortlisted in two categories at the annual LovedByParents Awards.

The Beco Gemini has been nominated in the “Best Baby Carrier/Back Carrier” category and BECO has been shortlisted for the “Best Family Brand” award.

We would love to receive your vote and more so your support for Beco. Voting is simple and takes less than 1 minute to complete - click here to cast your vote

Simply enter your Name & EMail Address, together with the Category and the Product, for example:

  • Best Baby Carrier - Beco Gemini 
  • Best Family Brand - Beco Baby Carrier

You're allowed to vote on up to three categories/products in total

To celebrate we'd like like to invite you back to our Facebook page afterwards to enter our huge Beco giveaway which is launching on Friday 21st June.

Voting closes on Monday 24th June so please act fast to get involved in the competition.

Click here to cast your vote today!