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Competition Results: Christmas Sling Library Bonanza

Competition Results: Christmas Sling Library Bonanza

I have to start this post by saying a HUGE thank you to all the sling libraries (& their fans) around the UK and Ireland who joined in the fun and made the 'Christmas Bonanza' prize draw such an exciting event for 2011 -- wow, it just has to be said, "you really are amazing!"


The best part about the whole competition was seeing the support the fans were willing to offer their local libraries, libraries mostly run by volunteers who are dedicated to spreading the babywearing love and helping others along the way.


It was a very close competition toward the end with ‘two’ very clear winners who’s sense of fun not to mention determination, sent them shooting over the finishing line neck-and-neck!  So, the results ...


  • “Runner-Up” Babywearing Ireland with a touch under 200 fans
  • “WINNER” Chesterfield Sling Library with a little 'over' 200 fans


BIG Congratulations are truly deserved for these two amazing libraries and their equally amazing fans and the prize/s ...


... a Boba 3G for each library plus Boba Pack for Chesterfield Sling Library (in recognition of breaking the 200 mark) both kindly donated by Boba US ... AND ... an extra Boba 3G donated by Slumber-Roo, again for both libraries, as a ‘special thank you’ from both Lindsay and Tania to their fans – yep, you read that right – each library is going to run their own special Christmas/New Year Raffle or Draw giving their members the chance to win a “super-duper” Boba 3G Baby Carrier!


As your 'sling' librarians are such wonderful ambassadors for babywearing, the fun doesn’t stop there! Both libraries have been adopted for Slumber-Roo sponsorship throughout 2012 and are ‘guaranteed’ to receive a variety of gorgeous, free samples throughout the coming year :)

All that’s left to say is *CONGRATULATIONS* (again, you deserve it!), a BIG thank you to our sponsors and a Very Merry Christmas and we feel sure, Happy New Year Xx

P.S. they'll be another special litle Christmas gift included with each package - enjoy!